Currency Forecast Contest

Forex is a huge potential market. This is an investment place where you can earn money without any investment. You don’t have any doubt who have already gain this money like this way. But you could have doubt if you are a newbie. No problem your doubt will be clear within a 2 or 3 weeks if you are walking through in forex market. Because today this is very popular as a result a lot of Brokers giving you many kinds of opportunities and you take those opportunities to earn money without any investment.

What kinds of opportunities?

The facilities are giving you the Broker in which you can earn money without investment.
The recent facility is:
Currency Forecast or Prediction contest: We didn’t see currency forecast or currency prediction contest a few years ago but now a day we can see currency forecast or prediction contest somewhere. Not a lot of Brokers are running this contest but we hope not too late to start every broker’s Currency forecast contest.
How to work Currency forecast or prediction contest?
At first, need to select any currency pair to run Currency forecast contest. This is selected by contest runner Broker. That mean, that broker will select the currency pair where you would like to participate in contest. And you must predict for that currency which is selected for the contest. Remember every broker is different so you don’t mix a broker with another broker.
What will you predict and how?
Suppose your broker select the EUR/USD currency pair for currency forecast or currency prediction contest. Now your broker will ask you to predict or forecasting. They could ask you, where will be the close price of the EUR/USD on next Friday or they will give the time for the closing time of that currency pair, like this.
See the example:-

The broker has asked all traders for the EUR/USD closing price on next Tuesday (Broker will give you the instruction where you place your prediction).
Now I thought you place the prediction of EUR/USD currency
And other traders also predict like these
1.2307…….. and more.
Now you must wait for next Tuesday to see the market closing price of the EUR/USD currency.
If any trader’s guess, not exact closing price then the broker will be looking for that prediction which is the near prediction of the closing price.
Now we thought market closed 1.2331 prices. Now Broker will find who predict exactly if no one then closer prediction will be announced for the prize.

Who is running Currency forecast or prediction contest?
Important Note:Note: You must have a real account with that broker where you are going to participate in currency forecast or prediction contest. If you don’t have a real account, you may lose your winning prize. (Broker rules).
There is another benefit if you have a real account. They will mail you when the contest ready to participate.

Broker Prize Contest Type Currency Pair
LMFX $1000 Prediction USD/JPY

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