Forex Broker Contests list

Educational stage with free demo contest not bad at all. This is big chance for you to get real money using demo contests. There is no need your money to participate in the demo contests just register and start trading. Otherwise, if you like to enter the real contest, you can. On there you can grave big prize.

Broker Contest Type Prize Amounts Available till
ForexTime FX Circuits -Real $400,000 May 26, 2017
Alpari Virtual Reality: Demo Contest $5,940 Year, 2017
XM Gold Contest Four Gold Coins Apr 30, 2017
SuperForex Lucky Draw Contest $300 Broker Polices
FxGrow CLASH FOR CASH-Real Contest $15,000 Apr 07, 2017
ForexTime FX Zones: Demo Contest $24,000 Mar 15, 2017
Instaforex Win BMW X6 Contest BMW X6 Till Dec 29, 2017
Instaforex Demo Contest $55,000 Monthly
SuperForex Gold Rush Contest $180 Every 15 Days
FBS Demo Contest $1000 Till Jan 20, 2017
MFX-Profit Day Real Contest $1000 Every Tuesday
MFX-Forex Drive Real Contest $1600 Weekly
MFX-Weekly Jam Demo Contest $500 Weekly
MFX-FX-Rodeo Demo Contest $300 Every Thursday
Alpari Analyst Contest $400 Every 15 Days
Alpari-Formula Real $1,620 Weekly
Alpari-King Demo $1,075 Weekly
Alpari-Jackpot Real $30,820 Month Over
OctaFx Demo $1000 Monthly
ForexMart Demo $850 Weekly
OctaFx Demo $400 Weekly
ViproMarkets Demo DJI Phantom 4, $650 Monthly-Mar 15, 2017
LMFX Real $1,000 Every Month
XM Demo $1,000,000 May 19, 2017
FBS Lottery BMW X3 & More Dec 30, 2016
ROBOFOREX Demo $3000 Every Month
ROBOFOREX Demo $1000 Every Week
LMFX Demo $1,750 Every Month
ROBOFOREX Demo,CFD $1500 Every Week
LMFX Price Prediction $1,000 Weekly
ROBOFOREX Demo,MT5 $1000 Every Week
FXOPEN Demo $10,000 Every Month
FIBOGROUP Demo $10,000 Every Month

Contests Defination

-Live Contests : The first condition to participate this contest you must have a real account with that broker where you would like to join. And not only account but also verified profile some broker allow you to start trading with half verification. Do you think what half verification is? It’s mean you can join this contest after uploading only your ID document without giving address verification document like as utility bill, bank statement etc. But when you will withdraw your money from there then you must submit your address verification document what you have. There are most important things that remember it’s real contest so you need money to participate the contest and you can lose your money if you die in the contest. Here you are going to fight using your money with another trader. But if you win then there is double profit. That’s mean your trading profit your money and also your contest prize. That’s cool and hard.

-Demo Contests :Demo contests are most popular in the trading world. This is learning method with gain little to big money prize. You can see here a lot of demo contest and you can test this. It’s your time even your chance to get pocket money without spending a lot of things. Just you spend your time to fight another trader. To participate here you doesn’t need money just join and start trading for the contest. Demo contest depends on broker condition some broker does not need a real account to participate to demo contest but you must have a real account when you will have a prize at your hand. It’s not big things. However, demo contest prize could be a cash prize or could be a trading balance. Most of the broker give you cash prize without any big condition. Demo contest totally is risk-free. You can see here a lot of demo contest waiting for you. Just go there and join to fight for a real cash prize.

-Forecast Contests :There are two kinds of Forecast or prediction contests, First one NFP forecast contest and second Currency forecast or prediction contest. This is another popular contest. Only limited broker arrange this contest. But there are lots of traders join this contest. It’s easy to participate there. You submit only what you think about that. Suppose, what is the market closing price on Friday of Eur/Usd. Now submit your guess, this is it. The closest prediction wins a prize. If you win then you selected for the prize but prize could be cash or for trading money like as bonus or products. It is depending on Broker policy and you can see it on that broker site. Remember to get your prize you must have real account with that broker where you participating. In our contests list, you can see like this contest. If you interested then you can participate.